EDC Faculty member Samar R. El Khoudary awarded new NIH grant to study the effects of hormone therapy in women

Sep 14, 2017 | News

Dr. El Khoudary was awarded a 2 year grant from the NIH titled “Effects of Hormone Therapy on Heart Fat and Atherosclerosis Progression in Early Postmenopausal Women from the KEEPS Trial”.

The study will provide information on the ongoing debate about the cardiovascular impact of hormone therapy (HT) in early postmenopausal women.  Utilizing the “Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study (KEEPS),” it will 1) assess the effect of oral and transdermal HT vs. placebo on heart fat accumulations over time; 2) examine the longitudinal relationships of baseline volumes of heart fat depots and their changes with changes in subclinical atherosclerosis; and 3) explore the extent to which HT regimens modify the longitudinal associations of heart fat depots with subclinical atherosclerosis.









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